Tri for the Cure is a "sprint distance" triathlon. 

750 M


20 KM



The first leg of the Tri is always the swim. A standard format for triathlons, athlete enter the water first for safety reasons. Entering the water when you are the most strong and have not needed to recoup from any other athletic exertion. Safety first = water first. The swim portion is 750 meters, which is 1/2 mile. 

Being an all-female Sprint Distance Tri - we are made of the most compassionate and caring gang of ladies you will ever meet! While still competitive, a majority of our athletes are truly racing the clock or against themselves. But, in the traditional Tri world, the bike portion comes next for safety; athletes are semi-fresh and not near the peak of their endurance. The bike portion is 20 km, which is about 12.4 miles.

Or walk. The last leg of the triathlon is the run because it is where you get your moment of glory. Sprint to the finish line, ham for the cam, wave to our pit crew. And, should you need us, our pit crew can reach you easily. Finally, it is easier to put a medal around the neck of a runner than a biker! The run/walk portion is 5k, which is 3.1 miles.