Why I Tri: Peggy Roberts

Tri for the Cure is so unique compared to other triathlons. “In 2010 I was asked to volunteer to shuttle spectators at the Tri for the Cure. After volunteering on that day and witnessing the anticipation, excitement and sense of accomplishment from the participants I felt a strong pull to give it a try.” Peggy Roberts was hooked.

Peggy has never considered herself as an athlete, but still decided to compete. “Anyone can do it, that’s what caught my eye,” Peggy said. “There were women of every shape, size and various athletic abilities.”

On race day, Peggy’s family was there to cheer her on and support her. After watching their Mother compete, her daughters were inspired to participate as well. The following year her two oldest daughters did the Tri for the Cure with, but it was her second oldest, Molly, that really embraced the event and competition.

 Molly competed for five consecutive years, last year being the first she missed only because she was on a trip she planned before the date of the event had been announced. In 2015, Molly even competed a week after having abdominal surgery, despite being told by her doctor that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Peggy and Molly volunteer in the apparel tent every year at the Tri for the Cure Expo the day before the event. Molly was really struggling with watching the anticipation and excitement of the participants as they picked up their race packets. After speaking with her parents and event coordinators, they reached a compromise and Peggy would wear Molly’s timing chip on a relay strap when she did her swim. This way, Molly could still compete by doing the bike and run without putting her surgical incisions at risk in the water, and still not get an “incomplete” on her event timing. 

 “It has been awesome for us to train and participate together,” Peggy said. “She’s my driving force. She’s had six years of abdominal pain, and yet she continues to push through this!  It’s great bonding for us both! We look forward to this event every single year!” 

 Peggy believes this event is great for mothers and daughters to do together or even friends. It builds camaraderie and it’s like no other race you’ll compete in.  “It’s a great event,” Peggy said. “I can’t speak more highly of it. The energy, excitement builds at Cherry Creek State Park. The place is packed with participants and spectators and it is an amazing feeling! Women are so excited as they cross the finish line, it is such a feeling of accomplishment! ”