Why I Tri: Nancy Reinisch


“In 30 years, I haven’t found anything that makes me feel the way I do when I finish the race.”

Emotional is how Nancy Reinisch describes the Tri for the Cure. Nancy has been running the race since the get-go of Tri for the Cure. She began running the race for herself and then became a coach, looking to help others. She founded the Roaring Fork Women’s Triathlon Team which consists of about 60 women, of all age groups.

“We decided Tri for the Cure would be our team’s destination,” Reinisch explains, “It ends our season for the team and is a great benchmark and culmination of all our training.”

Reinisch always felt Tri for the Cure supported a great cause, but then 10 years ago, the cause truly hit home as she reflects; “I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer at the age of 53. I used to do the race for others, but now I am the person people do it for.”

In her time fighting breast cancer, going through intense chemo, a double mastectomy and reconstruction, Reinisch continued to relate back to running triathlons. She wrote a book entitled, “Chemosabee,” and continues to point out five distinct similarities:

  • Take one step at a time
  • Keep your sense of humor
  • Manage injuries
  • Use your team
  • Celebrate your finish line

"The two years going through cancer and competing in Tri for the Cure were the highlights of competing in this great event,” Reinisch said. “The race became much more emotional. I remember 10 years ago crossing the finish line, almost bald. I wasn’t able to run, but I did bike and swim in that event. Then the following year I was done with chemo and finished all three legs of the race. At the end, there was my team, cheering me on. I was so emotional I began to cry.”

Reinisch beat cancer once but after nearly eight years in remission, the terrible disease has attacked again. She was just diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and will begin treatment again soon. Yet, you wouldn’t notice while speaking with her. Her energy is high, fun-loving, and she is great to talk with. When asked if she would be there again this year, there was no hesitation in her voice, “You bet,” Reinisch exclaimed. “I am going to be there and plan to compete and participate in whichever way I can.”

Reinisch is an inspiration. Not only is she running for others, but her situation is the very reason this race was put together. Reinisch is among six cancer survivors running on the Roaring Fork Women’s Triathlon team, “The team is a place for us to go,” Reinisch said. “We feel comfortable, love each other and inspire one another.”.

Join Reinisch and the rest of the Roaring Fork Women’s Triathlon team this August as we race the Tri for the Cure.  Everyone has a good reason to race, what’s yours?