Why I Tri: Coach Barrie

Coach Barrie Hufford has been involved in triathlons for over 20 years and held a coaching position with Tri for the Cure Denver for 10 years while being head coach for the past five. It’s a position she will hold onto for quite some time.

“My mother passed away to breast cancer six years ago, the following year I became the head coach of this event. I will be a part of this event until they kick me out,” Coach Barrie Hufford said.

Tri for the Cure is a sprint-distance triathlon where women of all ages and fitness levels unite in a celebration of strength, sisterhood, and self.

“It’s empowering and it’s fantastic to see the women that thought they could never finish a triathlon cross that finish line, or watch the ones racing for others that can’t. There’s no feeling like it. You see a lot of tears,” Hufford said.

Every competitor is encouraged to finish the event. Tri for the Cure is a sprint triathlon which is less intense and a great introduction to the sport . Most people fear the third portion of the race which involves swimming. But what makes the Tri so unique is there are swimming angels in the water to help.

“My favorite part is the gathering of competitors around the water awaiting the last swimmer. That moment becomes very emotional,” Hufford said. “Every year I get teary eyed”.

But really, it’s hard to pick a favorite moment of the event because of the gratifying atmosphere Tri for the Cure creates.

"Three years ago I saw more and more survivors racing that were in the 20-25 year old range rather than the 60+,” Hufford said. “Not sure that is a great thing because that means younger people are affected by this terrible disease, but it certainly empowering. The racers are so strong not to let cancer dictate where their life will go.”

“To see the mothers and daughters racing together in support of one another, to see the husbands and sons along the race path with signs saying ‘Go Mom,’ words can’t express this race. People just have to go and be a part of this special event.”

The race will take place Sunday August 6. You can visit the official Tri for the Cure- Denver website and download a training calendar. Coach Barrie is also available through the training if you have any questions or concerns. So what are you waiting for? Register today and make your moment on August 6.