Strong is the new black.

 Triathlon training is creating a new habit habit that you will and will inspire those around you. All you need to do is start moving! 

The self-guided schedules are merely a guideline to where you should begin. Some of you are already experienced in the triathlon field. Others are just finding out the order of the three sports involved (hint: swimming, then biking, running is last). Always start small and then build up. We want to avoid injuries and over-training. Little by little, your bodies and muscles will adapt to the physical demand. There will be clinics offered throughout the next 6 months addressing all areas of the sport. One common area of weakness for newbies is the swim. Fear not, that is Coach Barrie’s specialty! Early in the season, there will be many pool clinics with video analysis and stroke evaluation. Later in the spring and summer, we will move into the open water addressing navigation, stroke technique, swimming with others, and general anxiety people experience. We will also have fun runs, bike rides, and weight training workshops. Feel free to contact Coach Barrie with any questions at or reach her by cell phone @ 303-908-0916.