June Training Notes

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June Training Goal: Fast Track to Success
Triathlon Specific Training

For those of you who have used previous month schedules, we are simply adding volume to the pattern established.   For those of you just getting started, no need to panic – we’ll get you to that finish line!

Now is the time to swim outdoors, bike outdoors, and run outdoors! With the weather changing, we find ourselves wanting to be outdoors.  Grab a buddy for a bike ride, find a new running trail, or attend
 an open water clinic to get acclimated with the lack of lane lines and black lines at the bottom of the pool.  

This month you will continue “brick” training. Bricks are back to back workouts in two or three sports, e.g. swim/bike, bike/run or swim/bike/run. This type of training makes triathlon unique. The most difficult transition to train is the bike to run. I have included one bike/run brick per week with an optional swim/bike brick. Do the workouts as close as possible; get off the bike, change your shoes and get out and run. (Whenever I speak of the run, it is always OK to walk any or all of this training.) On the bike and run, continue with endurance training, but add some hills if you need additional challenge.  I have designated certain days for hill riding and running. Do your best to get out and work the hills, you’ll be happy you did this work on race day!

Swim Specific Workouts
For new swimmers, note that most pools are 25 yards or meters and swim workouts are written in multiples of 25, ex: 25’s, 50’s, 75’s, 100’s, etc. Take note of what distance you are swimming during training by counting your laps and multiplying by 25. Example: 20 lengths of 25 meters = 500 meters. The Tri for the Cure swim length is 750 meters. Kick refers to using a kick board or otherwise only using your legs to propel yourself. Pull refers to using a pull buoy or otherwise only using your arms to propel yourself.

The swim workouts on the training program refer to numbered, detailed sessions listed below:

**Note: these workouts are guidelines.  Feel free to add or subtract distance from the main workout provided.  For example if it lists 4 x 100s, you can either do 6 x 100s to add distance, or back down to 3 x 100s.  Modify the rest times where needed to make it challenging. 

Swim Workout #1 (1200y)

  • 100 warm-up
  • 4 x 125s (100 Moderate / 25 Fast) w/ 30-45 sec Rest
  • 200 Pull (Long and Strong) 
  • 4 x 75s (25 Fast / 50 Moderate) w/ 20-30 sec Rest
  • 100 cool down

Swim Workout #2 (1000y)

  • Warm-up 100 swim / 100 pull
  • 3 x 200s (Strong Pace) w/ 30-45 sec Rest
  • 4 x 25s Fast w/ 20 sec Rest
  • 100 cool down 

Swim Workout #3 (1200y)

  • 100 swim / 100 pull
  • 400 Drills (50 One arm – left / 50 One arm – right / 50 normal / 50 Catch up Stroke / Drag Drills – 50 Elbows only out of H2O / Drag – 50 Forearms / Drag – 50 Wrists / Drag – 50 Fingertips)
  • 200y Moderate Pace – apply drills – think about stroke
  • 100 kick your choice
  • 200 Pull (Work on Alternate Breathing – breathe every 3 strokes)
  • 100 cool down 

Swim Workout #4 (1200y)

  • 100 swim warm-up
  • 5 x 100s Pull (Breathe every 3 strokes) w/ 20-30 sec Rest 
  • 100 kick 
  • 8 X 50s Swim Fast w/ 20 sec Rest (Push yourself on all of these – take more rest if needed)
  • 100 cool down

Open Water Swims: Many Options

It is VERY important that you practice swimming in the pool and then in the open water.  Many options exist. You can swim at any swim beach at any of the local reservoirs. A limited option as you can only swim a limited amount, but an easy one.  Some other options exist for swimming longer distances and practicing swimming around buoys.

1) Coach Barrie Open Water Clinic at Union Reservoir in Longmont, CO.
Saturday, June 14th, 8:45 am to 10:15 am.
Cost for clinic will be $25 per person (not including gate fee).
There is a gate fee of $8.00 and you must present this to the lifeguards.
Contact her at barriehufford@gmail.com or 303-908-0916 to reserve your space.  

2) Tri Camp, Cherry Creek State Park, Saturday, June 21st from 8 a.m. to 1:30 pm
This one-day camp at Hobie Hill (inside Cherry Creek State Park) features a practice open water swim, hands-on transition readiness, and bike/run skills training. Options for both beginners and returning athletes.Enrollment is limited - register today! 

3) Grant Ranch, Littleton
Starting in May, you can swim in this private lake with swim buoys set up in 750 and 1500 meter courses. Swim days and times are: Mon, Wed, Fri 5:30-7 am, Tues 5-7 pm and Sunday 7-9:30 am.  More information here.

4) Chatfield Reservoir
The open water swim season begins in May at Chatfield Reservoir at the Gravel pond, separate from the main reservoir. Anyone can swim on specific days and times that are reserved for swimmers to train in open water.  If you drive into Chatfield, you will also have to pay the park entry fee. Carpooling or riding your bike will save money. More information here.




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