July & August Training Notes

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July and August Training Goal
Competition Phase
Triathlon Specific Training

 Last month to train before your big race to prove to yourself you are now a triathlete. If you’ve been following the schedule in previous months, you’ll see the “structure” is somewhat similar, although we’ve changed some details (both times and intervals).  If you’re just starting out, don’t panic!  Train at the lower end of the ranges suggested to avoid injuries and overdoing it.  Remember to take one to two days off per week to rejuvenate the body and gear up for the next set of workouts.  Rest and recovery are just as important as swimming, biking, and running. Some keys things to follow during this last month

  1.  Don’t try anything new the last week before the race!  What I mean by this is buy new shoes now vs later to break them in.  Try out the clothing you plan to race in to see if it works for you and doesn’t chafe or fit incorrectly while exercising.  Practice with your nutrition early in the month vs. experiment with foods the night before or during the race.  You want to avoid any variables that might affect  your day.
  2. Plan & Prepare!  This is a fun and exciting day!  Avoid stress by planning and prepping before the race.  When in doubt or unsure of what to do, contact Coach Barrie or the website for race/ prep inquiries.
  3. Stay hydrated!  Whether you are riding and running in the hot sun or just hanging out watching a Rockies game, drink plenty of fluids (and I mean water and sports drinks…) to avoid dehydration.  This can affect your training and can lead to serious conditions.
  4. Be safe and smart!  Swim with a buddy, wear a helmet ALWAYS, when running with headphones, keep the volume low to hear your surroundings. We want to see you at that starting line and cheer you on at the finish line.
  5. Have FUN!  This is a wonderful event, celebrating women of all ages and levels.  Some of you are survivors.  Some of you are racing in celebration of a loved one or racing in memory for those we’ve lost.  Take in the day!  Give hugs and high-fives where needed!  Be proud of your accomplishments. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the Expo on Saturday, August 2nd.

July & August Specific Swim Workouts

July Swim Workout #1 (1300y)

  • 100 Swim3 x 250 (100 Moderate / 50 Fast / 100 Moderate): 30 -60 sec rest
  • 50 Kickboard2 x 150 (50 Moderate / 50 Fast / 50 Moderate): 20 -45 sec rest
  • 100 cool down 

July Swim Workout #2 (1400y)

  • 100 Swim 2 x 400 Long Swims to work on Endurance: 45 -90 sec rest
  • 2 x 200 Pull, work on alternate breathing where you breathe on both sides (every 3 strokes) w/ 30 -45 sec rest
  • 100 cool down 

July Swim Workout #3 (1400y)

  • 100 Swim3 x 100 (Steady Pace to get rhythm of stroke): 30-45 sec rest
  • 2 x 300 Pull, Moderate Pace: 30 -60 sec Rest6 x 50 Swim (Fast / Moderate by 25): 20-30 sec rest
  • 100 cool down 

July Swim Workout #4 (1200y)

  • 100 swim
  • 500y timed
  • 50 kick- easy
  • 500 timed - try to go faster50 cool down

For new swimmers, note that most pools are 25 yards or meters and swim workouts are written in multiples of 25, ex: 25’s, 50’s, 75’s, 100’s, etc. Take note of what distance you are swimming during training by counting your laps and multiplying by 25. Example: 20 lengths of 25 meters = 500 meters. The Tri for the Cure swim length is 750 meters. Kick refers to using a kick board or otherwise only using your legs to propel yourself. Pull refers to using a pull buoy or otherwise only using your arms to propel yourself.

View July & August Training Calendar

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