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Contact Coach Barrie ( or 303-908-0916) for additional information or questions on coaching, training and instruction. Individual and group sessions are available. 

April Goals: General Triathlon Training

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Welcome! April is the month to get serious about triathlon training! Swim, bike and run training are the priority.  Plus, we have more clinics in April. See the website for details. 

This is the place where I help you put the pieces together, day to day, to accomplish your goal of completing and enjoying the Tri for the Cure sprint triathlon.  Along the way, take to heart the lesson that fitness is a lifelong commitment. Maybe this is your first step, maybe this is one step of many, but taking good care of our bodies requires a lifetime of service. Just as you wouldn’t go a day without food, don’t go a day without exercise or otherwise doing something good for your body. This is why we start when there is still snow on the ground. Start now, start today whether it is January or June; keep putting one foot in front of the other and one day after the next. Suddenly it will be race day in August!

In addition to your training, now is the time to get your bike tuned up (or dusted off).  Sometimes bike stores are busy with appointments, so the earlier you get in, the earlier you can ride outside.  You should also start looking to ride and run/walk outdoors.  Let's go play outside!

View April Training Calendar

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